That stinks!

We’ve known about Vincenzo’s aversion to wiping, flushing, and washing his hands when he drops a deuce for quite some time now.  We weren’t inclined to do anything about it until Christmas Eve when, shortly after this picture was taken…


…it was time to put pants on and go to church.  Unfortunately, Vincenzo’s two pairs of jeans were in the laundry, reeking of three-day-old skid marks.  It was either wear a scrubby pair of sweat pants to Christmas Eve service or wear the poopy pants and as the bible mentions a lot about what God sees but virtually nothing about what God smells, I opted for the stinky jeans.  (This is why there is a series of books called “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” but there should never, ever be a “Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants.”)

It’s unfortunate that the church was as packed as it was.  It was like we were a can of sardines, and some jerk sardine had farted in the can.  Every time V stood or sat during the service we were all reminded of what the stable where Jesus was born truly smelled like.  The guy next to me kept checking the bottoms of his shoes, presumably for dog poop.  I kept pointing to the kid in front of us and holding my nose.

So this week I made Vincenzo a long overdue chart.  I’m sure you all have similar types of chore charts where your kid does something good and then gets a reward.


Now, Vincenzo gets a chocolate chip at the end of each day that he wipes, flushes, and washes.  And the rest of us get peace of mind that the brown smudges on his fingers are chocolate rather than fecal matter.


Lasagna (that I never made last week)
Peas with roasted onion and mint
Peppermint chocolate ice cream cake

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