I’ll have nothing to blog about after Christmas.

But until then, you can enjoy our family’s merry Christmas anecdotes.

1. Despite Vincenzo’s iffy belief in Santa this year, we happened upon one at a mall and there was no line so we walked on up to him.  It went downhill from there.

Santa: Is there anything special you’d like for Christmas?
Vincenzo: I’d like an ordament. 
Santa: An ornament?
Vincenzo: Yes.  I want you to hide an ordament on the tree on Christmas morning.
Santa, gesturing to a store across from him:  Ho ho ho, and there are so many nice ornaments right in this store here called Hallmark.  You could go over there and buy one for yourself right after you talk with me!

‘Tis the season to be commercial.

2.  Every year when I go to put lights on the tree I somehow get electrocuted by the Christmas lights.  Kevin doesn’t believe me.  Every year this happens, every year there is cursing and hopping around holding my wounded hand, every year there is Kevin touching the same broken light that zapped me and saying, “See?  Nothing.”  Well this year I actually got an electrical burn to prove it.


Do you see it?  Just WNW of the freckle?

Yeah.  Kevin doesn’t see it either.  But it’s there.  I just hope that next year I remember all the electrical burns of Christmases past and put on my rubber kitchen gloves before getting electrocuted instead of after.

3.  Sorry we missed your call…


4.  Just before leaving for the Christmas Eve service, I asked Vincenzo to put on some shoes.


I’m not sure which problem I should address first…the red heels or the lack of pants.  But, as the mathematicians know, two negatives make a great blog post.


Going out

4 thoughts on “I’ll have nothing to blog about after Christmas.

  1. Take heart Mom. I’ve heard red heels are THE THING this year so at least he has great taste.

    I think your blog is the funniest blog out there, hands down.

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