Another barfy blog post

Ahhh!  What is going on?  First I got the Thanksgiving cold, then the early December flu, next the mid-December mastitis, and now I don’t know what I have but I woke up in the middle of the night and started puking, out of the blue.  Three times!  Kevin thinks it’s from my antibiotics.  My sister wants to buy me a pregnancy test.*  And I, of course, think it’s cancer.

Kevin took the day off of work and now spends his time responding to my gastrointestinal needs, Rocco’s crying, Vincenzo’s demanding imagination.  He keeps bringing me glasses of Kefir, which is a great way to tell someone you really, really hate them.  I keep dumping it in the cat’s bowl.  The cat, who drinks out of the toilet and eats his own fur clots, wants nothing to do with Kefir.

Anyway.   I took these pictures of Rocco and it didn’t even occur to me that yet another of my sons was shirtless during our tree decorating extravaganza.






I think he pulled it off though.


*Don’t get all worked up.  The whole cold/flu/mastitis thing has kind of wiped out most forms of intimacy.  (I still let him rub my feet, but I don’t think that’s how you get pregnant.)  

5 thoughts on “Another barfy blog post

  1. My boys are always shirtless for everything. Thought about sending out my Christmas card this way. Get better soon.

    PS…you never know sometimes those foot rubs can be dangerous 🙂

  2. dude….I’ve been MIA, and I feel bad about it, but it isn’t personal. I’ve just been all together busy…and lazy at the same time. sorry. Hate hearing that you have been having a rough time with your health. boooooo….hisssss…..

    get better. Love the pics…darling little guy, you have there.

  3. Oy-I feel so bad for complaining, you’ve had a tough road.

    James is pantless and shirtless most of the time, any excuse will do- I’m drinking milk, I need to brush my teeth, it is Tuesday.

    I do hope that you feel better soon.

  4. Hmmm… now I’m wondering if I can reverse that shipment of Kefir I sent you for Christmas. I’m going to have to make out with a lot of mailmen…. Sold.

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