There goes Santa Claus

I’ve probably written before how I hate the whole lying-to-your-kids-about-Santa thing.  It makes me feel rotten, mainly because I am still traumatized from the day in second grade when my parents told me Santa wasn’t real.  Within minutes, not only was Santa gone but also the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, and all my belief in magic and fairy tales.  Looking back, I now recognize the feeling I walked around with for weeks afterward: heartache.  It was the one and only time in my life I’ve truly had my heart broken.  I know this sounds overly dramatic, but I am overly dramatic, which is probably why I took The Truth so hard.

I also worry about the lying-about-Santa-thing because I feel it’s the gateway to beginning to question whether or not God is real.  First Santa goes down, then BOOM, suddenly you’re wandering around asking questions like, “If we evolved from apes then at what point did humans start getting into heaven?  Or is heaven filled with apes and half-ape, half-humans?  And, “If God made us in his likeness, and human life started with an amoeba, then does God look like an amoeba?”

Anyway.  Vincenzo was born with his mother’s huge imagination, so I assumed that finding out about Santa would be just as devastating to him.  So I was relieved this weekend when we were delivering Christmas cookies to our neighbors and this conversation happened:

V: You know Santa Claus isn’t real, Mom.
Me: Oh? Why do you think so?
V: My friend told me. He said the parents put presents underneath the tree for you.
Me: Oh.  And what do you think?
V: I think my friend is right. Do you know if he is?
Me: I do know, but I think I want to keep it a secret for now. Is it okay with you if I keep it a secret?
V: Yup.  Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

I don’t know…maybe I should have just given Santa  quick death and be done with it, but Vincenzo is just five after all.  Five.  I’m pretty sure he knows the truth. 

And what’s best: he just doesn’t care.

Beef stew with red wine and sundried tomato sauce
Cappuccino crinkles with vanilla ice cream


3 thoughts on “There goes Santa Claus

  1. It doesn’t have to be all drama and trama, I think you made a wise choice to let the dream fade away. I think the fact that we all still bring Santa into the CHristmas equation is proof enough that it wasn’t too hard on us that we are preventing our children from experiencing the JOY of Santa, Elves…Magic!

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