Another post that will make Renee jealous

So I got over the Thanksgiving cold in time to get the early December flu, which I got over just in time to get the mid-December mastitis.  Major ouch.  Fortunately this will be the last time, as I am done nursing!  The final round of mastitis is helping me not get overly sentimental about it. 

1.  Kevin came home and smacked me on the bottom (which, BTW, is my new favorite word for “bottom,”).  I gave him a look and he said, “What?  It’s not like you have asstitis!”

2.  Every year I try to get a picture of Vincenzo decorating the Christmas tree that captures the wonder and magic of the season.  Every year my plans are thwarted by nothing less than a lack of pants.  This year after I put the lights on the tree I told everyone to put some pants on because we were going to hang the ornaments.

I hate getting just what I asked for.


3. Me, sniffing Vincenzo:  I’m thinking someone forgot to wipe.
Vincenzo, grinning: You caught me!

4. Being the cheap loving wife that I am, I make Kevin lunches to take to work.  He slept in the other day and I was gone by the time he woke up so I left him a note on the fridge.  He left me a note back. 

There’s a lot of love here.

Pad Thai noodles with shrimp


One thought on “Another post that will make Renee jealous

  1. Hey, it wouldn’t be the holidays without our kids running around “half” naked. I’m happy if mine at least still have on their underpants. 🙂 Hope all is well and that you are feeling better. LOVED the holiday card. Wish I were half as creative.

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