Funny kid stuff

1. Yesterday we heard a radio ad for Tully’s where they talk about how they listen to the sound of the beans popping to know when the coffee is roasted just right.

Radio: “…at Tully’s, we roast coffee with our ears!”
Vincenzo: “Oh, YUCK!”


Rocco, looking out the car window on the freeway: “Car!  Car!  Car!  Car!”
Vincenzo, drily: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

3.  You all remember how I let Rocco’s hair get so long this summer that people started mistaking him as a girl?  Well here’s what happens when you let the same thing happen to your five-year-old and then it’s picture day at school.



I can just see the photographer making “I can’t believe this kid’s lousy excuse for a mother sent him to school looking like this” eyes with Vincenzo’s teacher as he pulled out his black comb and went to work.

BTW, I showed the picture to my mom and she thought it looked nice.

Spinach and cheese ravioli (store bought)
Salad with apples and blue cheese

7 thoughts on “Funny kid stuff

  1. You honestly crack me up with every post. Thank you. I love his little picture! I think that style is in now, right? He’s just ahead of his time. It needs to be animated though, where he’s flicking back his bangs every two seconds.

  2. Please please PLEASE cut it into a mullet and take photos of him in a white tank top before you give him a normal cut.

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