Eggnog, My Love


The lifejuice of my soul.  Why do you have to be so seasonal?  Is diet Coke seasonal?   No.  Lemonade? Nope.  Crack cocaine?  Hu-uh.  All of these are offered all year round.

But alas eggnog is here just long enough each year to make us fall in love all over again, only to break the hearts of each one of our taste buds two months later.

During the months of January to October I make myself a cup of coffee at home in the morning.  But when Starbucks rolls out the eggnog I have to get myself to a Starbucks every day.  It’s not the same to put eggnog in my coffee at home; that’s like sprinkling Molly McButter on your potato and pretending it tastes just like that real thing.  Try it.  It’s not the same.

Like any addict, my life has become a web of lies based around getting myself more eggnog.  I usually use the baby as an excuse to hop in the car for my daily Starbucks drive-through run.

Me: Kevin, I’m taking Rocco out for a drive.  He seems a bit fussy.
Kevin: But…he’s playing happily with his toys!
[Sound of car starting]


Me: Kevin, I’m taking Rocco out for a drive.  He seems a bit fussy.
Kevin: But he’s asleep in his crib!
Me: [Sound of nursery door opening]
Rocco: [Sound of crying]
Me: See?  Gotta go.

As if it’s not hard enough when Christmas is over and you don’t have any more chestnut roasting or hall decking to do, they go and pull the eggnog plug too and glug glug, suddenly that coffee you make at home that you used to enjoy tastes like ass.  And suddenly “ass” doesn’t mean a noble donkey in a stable, either.

Eggnog is like that ex-boyfriend that you keep hooking up with. You know how it’s going to end every time but yet you–

Wait!  Do you hear that?  Harken!  I hear the joyous sound of Rocco fussing! 

I’m going to go change my panties and head out.  L8r!

Boeuf bourginon soup (I apologize for the  snobby spelling of “beef”—just copying from Martha Stewart)
Roasted butternut squash
Chocolate cake with milk chocolate and caramel krispie filling

9 thoughts on “Eggnog, My Love

  1. i just read this to jay, but before i read it, i said, “babe, if you had a blog, this is what it would sound like.”

    the mr. LOVES eggnog too.

    i think it’s yucky.

    happy drinking!

  2. Egg nog is ok if you put booze in it. hot buttered rum is even better. Do you have time over Thanksgiving weekend to come over for a mug? It’s homemade.

  3. That is my favorite way to drink eggnog, McStreamy. We’re in! It will have to be sometime before 7 though because Baby Buzzkill likes to go to bed at 7 so he can wake up at 5.

  4. And just to clarify, I do like homemade eggnog too but I consider it a completely different drink from the stuff you get in the carton.

  5. I’m glad Baby Buzzkill will get you here early. My inlaws are in town so I will be drinking early and often. Saturday or Sunday would be best. Just let me know what day/time works for you.

    I made my own eggnog once but it was like watery custard. I’ll buy a carton from now on.

  6. I can relate to a Starbucks addiction….if only they would open one here! My favorite drink there is a chai tea latte with soy milk no water. It’s fabulous – you should try it! 🙂

  7. I bought some in your honor today at the store. Lexi loved it and Madison tried hard to like it but gave up. For me, it was better than my recollection from 10-15 years ago. Every time I look at those stains on Lexi’s shirt, I’ll think of you.

  8. If you ever get the chance to try it, I HIGHLY recommend as an alternative the Silk Nog. It is everything in the way of traditional egg nog as far as taste and the ultimate in deliciousness, but even better because it doesn’t leave that heavy coating on the back of your throat like real egg nog.

    Are you still doing Little Gym with V? I got out of the habit and we started swim lessons and now dance for Aidan next month. Should be interesting! I cannot believe how big and grown up Rocco is looking these days!

  9. Thanks for the soy nog tip, Terry! Unfortunately since I wrote this post I’ve been so sick that I haven’t been able to stomach any kind of egg nog. Booooo! We’re not doing Little Gym right now; it kind of breaks my heart that he’s into other things. We miss you guys!

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