The good, the bad, and the barfy

We got our bathroom remodeled this week.  The down side of hiring out is that it cost probably four times as much as if we had done it ourselves.  The plus side is that we get to keep being married.  Here’s what we started with.

Lavender.  Because I sometimes forget I am a grown woman.

I don’t have a final picture of the bathroom yet because there are some finishing touches to add in, like, oh, the TOILET, but you know.  Here are some of the details. 

Oooooooooooo, granite countertops!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, old school hardware!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, detailed doorknobs!


Mmmmmmmmmmm, subtly unique floor tiling!


Ooooooooooo, walls the color of…


HOLY MOTHER OF MUSTARD SEED, what have we done?!!  Why can’t I just choose a nice color like “Bagel” or “Calm Air” instead of “Hubbell House Golden Maize [after the Dijon Incident of 2010]?”

I am not okay with this.  My son is not okay with this.  My sisters are not okay with this.  In fact, the only person who likes this color is the guy who painted it.  My husband.  He is, coincidentally, the one who will be repainting it if I do in fact go the Bagel route.

Blog readers, speak now or forever hold your peace.  Is this the absolute worst color ever, or is my bathroom going to rock it?

Pasta with chicken sausage and butter cream sauce

8 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the barfy

  1. I can’t say without seeing a bigger, no flash picture. I know the size of your bathroom so I would say that if it’s too dark (eg the lower corners of your post pic) then it might be a too closed in feeling. But if it is closer to the middle, upper portion of your post pic then I think it will look great and you will def rock it. On the bright side, living with 3 boys, when they miss the toilet and hit the wall you won’t even notice!

  2. I think you could totally rock it with the right accessories. The brown-ish hardware is the perfect example. More bold colors, IMO!

    But the bigger question is, with a room painted that color, why are you not cookin’ mac and cheese tonight??

  3. Hmmm….it would be easier to say if I could see the whole picture, but I do really like orange and it’s nice to do a fun, bold color in a small space, like a bathroom. I think that if you found some cute towels and other accessories that just have a bit of orange in it, it could tie it all together.

  4. I think the color is good if you wear sunglasses inside. I prefer bagels over mustard. Save your bold choices for accessories. Sorry, Kevin. The rest of the bathroom looks amazing though, especially the floor tile, beautiful. :o)

  5. You consistently crack me up. Holy Mother of Mustard Seed?

    Blog gold.

    I guess my tastes are similar to your hubby’s cause I like it! Of course, I have been living with neutral walls for a loooooong time now. I CRAVE color.

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