Need UR help

My mom is watching both boys for an overnight tomorrow so Kevin threw out some date ideas.  I can’t decide!  They all sound good!!  Which one would you pick?

Option 1: “Dirty” date – weather is supposed to be nice so we can work in the garden together, just like old times

Option 2: Painting date – our bathroom remodel begins tomorrow so we could paint it this weekend before all the fancy stuff gets in there and makes us nervous about painting

Option 3: Rock Band date – throw back a few drinks in the basement and rock out with the new Rock Band III keyboard

Option 4: Opulent date – dinner at a fancy restaurant in Seattle; I wear something shiny

Option 5: Funny date – hit up a comedy club (although seriously, what are the chances we could find someone funnier than me?!)

Option 6: Music – we can find some live music to go to

Option 7: Host our own scrapbooking festival


5 thoughts on “Need UR help

  1. Option 8: Philanthropy date – Pressure wash and repaint the trim on Jeanette and Michael’s house.

    Option 9: Adopt a cat date – Go find a cat friend for Clydey Clyde.

  2. Option 3 sounds like every other night of the week for you guys so it doesn’t count as a date. I choose Opulent Date because it sounds really nice to get dressed up and go out for a nice dinner but seeing as you two supposedly couldn’t come to a formal party with us because Kevin doesn’t own dress clothes – this may not be an option. So I guess I’ll just stick with being jealous that you have a husband home and a date night available. BTW – don’t fucking swear at me.

    (yes, it’s all about me. get over it.)

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