Almost funny

1.  For Kevin’s birthday party we decked Vincenzo’s stuffed animals out in party hats and had them yell “SURPRISE!” when Kevin came home.  I noticed V put two of the animals in the dark bathroom instead of the bedroom with the other animals.  He pointed out that those animals had hats made out of paper that sparkled in the light and he didn’t want the other animals would get jealous.  Awwwww.

2. Vincenzo, in the car: “It’s not fair that kids’ windows don’t get windshield wipers.  What we drove by something really cool, like Chuck E. Cheese, and we couldn’t see it?  That would be horrible!  When I grow up I’m going to sit in the back of the car and look out the back window because it has its own windshield wiper.”

3. Vincenzo, pointing finger laser at me: PSHEW!
Me, pointing back: PSHEW!
V: Ha HA!  Personal bubble all around me.
Me: [brandishing pinky finger] Needle.
V: Rebuild personal bubble
Me: Steal personal bubble!  Run away with personal bubble!

Salmon chowder
Flaky biscuits
Roasted asparagus
Mint chocolate chip cookies


*“Doing nothing” includes not batting an eye when he bought Rock Band III and called it his birthday present, then followed it up with not one but two $500 tickets for the front row of a WWE event.  So “doing nothing” is actually a really good gift.

One thought on “Almost funny

  1. Please don’t put asterisks at the bottom of a post referencing some supposed earlier asterisk that doesn’t exist. It wastes my time and energy and I don’t have much to waste these days. Thank you.

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