This picture cost me two gummy worms

Vincenzo recently learned to buckle himself into the car.  It was kind of a shock one day when I told him we were about to head out to the store and then he completely disappeared; it took me a couple minute to realize he had opened the car door, hopped in the car seat, and buckled himself in.  Halleluiah!  Life is SO much easier this way.

The only problem is Vincenzo notoriously forgets to put his shoes on first, and I don’t think to look at his feet before starting up the car to leave.  He has shown up to the doctor’s office, to restaurants, even to school field trips in completely bare feet.

So I guess I was..proud of him when we drove to a friend’s house for dinner last night, unbuckled our five-year-old from his car seat, and he hopped out of the car wearing this:


Yes, I am the mother who puts the keys in the ignition then has to ask, “Is everyone’s seatbelt buckled?” then follow it up with, “And does everyone have pants on?”

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Apricot glazed chicken
Pasta with pesto sauce
Asparagus of some sort

11 thoughts on “This picture cost me two gummy worms

  1. I love this. Beware of child getting into the car when you’re NOT going somewhere. I dealt with that yesterday (and this morning was reminded when my wipers and blinkers were on).

    I have to tell you that I re-read your blog comment AFTER seeing the self portrait and the “sup” now makes sense and made me laugh all the harder.

  2. I guess you should be glad that you only have one person to ask that question of (so far), right? Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that…

    My husband got our daughter ready to go last week on a day I was working and she was staying at Grandma’s. I got all the way to her house before I realized, taking her out of the car seat, that she had no shoes on. Not her fault yet, I guess, but I still had to go and buy her some so she could play outside that day!

  3. I can’t laugh too hard at this one… I’m the mom who wore her fuzzy Ugg slippers to drop off Madison at school and proceed to shop at 4 different stores today. I once drove all the way to my parents’ house for dinner before realizing that I was barefoot – and I was driving which one would think would trigger some recognition sooner. Just yesterday I pulled out of my garage while still talking to my mom on the HOME phone. Yep, I think that Vincenzo is doing just fine. It’s another sign of genius.

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