Seriously? This is what a day is like here?

A random day this week:

Vincenzo started the morning with a bath.  When I told him it was time to get out he whined that he wanted to stay in loooooonggggerrrrrrrr.  I told him he had to go to school and he said, “Yeah mom, but sometimes kids are missing in school.”  I had to gently explain that the reason kids miss school is not so they can take 2-1/2 hour long baths.  It’s so they can play video games.

After the bath Rocco crawled into the office, spied the cat food, said, “NOMS!” and headed straight for it.

When I picked V up from school I told him I was making a pot roast for dinner.  ‘”Pot roast?  You mean we’re eating pot for dinner?!”

Grammy came over that day and was holding a cranky Rocco, so she walked into the nursery with him and said, “Now where can we find a binky?”  He got all excited, squirmed out of her arms to the ground, sprint-crawled under the crib and came out with a binky in his mouth and one in each hand.  (And yet he stares at me blankly when I say firmly, “No stove!?”)  (Or do I write “No stove!”?  How do you punctuate such a sentence?)

While I was making dinner Rocco was in the living room, whining in the I-want-Mommy’s-attention kind of way.  I kept giving him sympathetic looks and saying, “I know, baby.”  Apparently I didn’t “know” enough because next thing I knew he had taken his diaper off and pooped on the carpet.  Yup.  He has learned very early that actions speak louder than words.  Or more accurately, “Movements speak louder than words.”

Ten minutes later I checked my e-mail and my friend had sent me this picture from  It’s called Poop Hands.


Vincenzo wanted us to be animals after dinner so Kevin chose to be a peacock.  He kept throwing his arms straight up to be his tail, which he’d display whenever he saw me.  WHENEVER he saw me.  He’d also make this creepy purring/cooing sound when he was looking at me and follow me around like that.  


I just hope Vincenzo doesn’t ask his friends to play peacock with him at school.  I’d really like him to continue being able to go there.

During our peacock game we noticed a marked absence of noise from the hallway where Rocco had been playing.  We looked down the hallway but the doors to all the not-baby-safe rooms were closed.  Kevin went into Vincenzo’s room and there was the baby, on top of the fire truck bed.  On TOP.  As in, up this ladder:


So the baby still can’t walk but apparently he can climb.  And not only was Rocco four feet in the air but he was also playing with the marbles from Hungry Hungry Hippo, as we have piled the top of the fire truck bed high with every choking hazard imaginable to keep them out of the baby’s reach.

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