Double Dippin’: The Fair

We’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of not one but TWO big fairs, so we indulged.  This time around, Vincenzo and his friend got the true NW fair experience:

The rain.


The foot massage.  Or is this one called a hand massage?  Confusing.


The chamois.

(Seriously, it was weird.  The boys walked by this chamois lady and it was like one of those motion-sensor things that you put by your door that starts ribbiting when anyone opens the door.  She just started going and we had to listen to the whole spiel and wax her car.)


The moment of Truth.



The rides.



Here they are stopping to ask for directions.  Notice from Vincenzo’s body language that it clearly wasn’t his idea to stop and ask.


Rocco didn’t mind the rain at all.  He saw it as an opportunity to show off his argyle Baby Legs.

(Is there any mom out there who can resist buying Baby Legs for her baby boy?  And is there any father who doesn’t worry they’re going to make his son gay?)  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

Goodbye, sweet fair.  ‘Til we meet again.



Azteca or Costco.  Choices, choices.


7 thoughts on “Double Dippin’: The Fair

  1. Ironically, Casey, this was the first day in MONTHS I actually put shoes on my poor gay baby boy and even though they were Robeez he kicked them off in 7.6 seconds. Pbbbbbllltttt.

  2. I can’t wait for the tights in my hand-me-down box! Leo will wear them when we watch Project Runway together.

  3. I had no clue that leg warmers had made a comeback. Regardless, the look of horror on my husband’s face, when he saw Rocco’s picture, was enough to let me know that had I realized that they were back, my child would have had chilly legs.

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