Thoughtful Thursday

It’s hard to take photos of your kids when seeing Mom with a camera makes them violently angry.  Here I am with my first SLR and my two favorite subjects ever to photograph, and I get screamed at (or, more accurately, angrily “gocked” at, as Vincenzo is now a penguin and walks around saying, “gock”) for even picking up the camera.  Irony can be such a dipwad.  I decided to just take the punishment, though, and managed to get a few photos of them yesterday.*

Like this photo of my baby toddler BOY that must be photo shopped because there’s no way my baby’s toddler’s BOY’S legs are actually that long?!


And this one where you can tell Rocco is grinning ear to ear even though you can’t see his face (or he might be screaming ear to ear):


And this one that makes me want to go get Rocco out of his crib right now to cover those cheeks with kisses.


File these ones under that same category:




And this photo where my boy look like all the five years that he is, but also looks like the baby he also still is:


And, of course, the photo that tells us we’re all done.  (When Rocco’s really tired, he puts his head on the ground like this and then crawls around using his own head like the wheel of a wheelbarrow.)



Minestrone soup
Homemade wheat bread
Deep dish apple pie

*Casey, I apologize if Eric’s out of town.  Just in case he is: PCOWR,RELT’AHE

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. That last one is fabulous- matter o fact I’m doing exactly the same thing right now, but no one understands and I’m not getting any hugs.

  2. Aw shucks, Corey, you make me blush. The problem is now that I’m learning a little more about photography I’m taking better pictures than I ever have but I am increasingly less happy with them now that I know what good pictures are supposed to look like. Grr.

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