Don’t tell my ninth grade English teacher…

…but the subtopics in this post are COMPLETELY UNRELATED.  And I love starting sentences with the word “and.”

The cat has been peeing in the house lately.

The cat is, once again, up for sale.  Anyone?  Anyone?

In the car yesterday Vincenzo told me his sense of smell was so good he could smell around the world.  I asked him what various places smelled like and he gave me an answer for each one.  The only one I think he got right though was when I asked him what it smelled like at our house and he answered tiredly, “Same as always—cat pee, cat pee, cat pee.”

And now for the multiple choice component of my post.  Please circle the letter that indicates my Spanish students’ crowning glory of yesterday:

a).  Student A forgetting her homework.  Again.
b).  Student A’s excuse being that she didn’t know she had homework because at our previous class she had shown up without a book, binder, or note cards because she LOST EVERYTHING and…did one of us maybe know where it was?
c).  Me calling Student B at 1:11 to ask if she was coming to class at 1:00.
d).  Student B saying yes she is planning on coming at 1:00.  Oh…what?  Shit.  [Insert excuse about a slow clock here] 
e).  Students A and B reciting in perfect Spanish that today is “Thursday, the 60th of September”

But pobody’s nerfect, and here’s my own moment of imperfection from the week.  It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve been near Capri Suns, and isn’t there a fail blog or something I’m supposed to send this to?


“Mom, this juice box is empty!  Nothing’s coming out!”


3 thoughts on “Don’t tell my ninth grade English teacher…

  1. I circle “e” because the 60th day September would mean more days left until Christmas, my fortieth birthday in April, and to prepare for October (which is shaping up to be a wildly busy month. I’ve run out of room on my calendar for scheduling stuff).

    I don’t want a house peeing cat. Would you like a cat that eats the birds that are being lovingly fed at the birdfeeder? Maybe she could offer support for your kitty to make good choices (“Choose litter!”). <—- Look at that, 4 punctuation marks in a row.

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