And the winner is…

The results are in for my competition on making sense out of these letters:


The response was OVERWHELMING, which is why it’s taken me so long to decide the winner.  Every single contestant (and by “single contestant,” I mean the only person who even bothered to try, thanks all you other LOSERS) really gave it her all.  Still, it was hard to decide because two of Casey’s answers made such complete sense.  The first being: WINDOW GO HERE (the apostrophe being an arrow). 

But, as logical as it is for someone to leave a message for the window installers next to a gaping hole in their house, I have to go with her answer I’D GO HOME MERN, spelled out by the same housewife as mentioned in the original post, who is now warning Mern that Gordon is home.  This housewife was not only clever but also thrifty, as she only needed to make one set of letters to spell both messages, thus proving this must be the true meaning of these letters.  If there’s one thing you learned from that last post about Whidbey it’s that our family is thrifty.  These letters have probably been in our family for years.

So.  As promised, my wedding ring is in the mail, Casey.  Congrats—you earned it.

Probably mashed potatoes with creamed eggs (husband is getting some dental work done today)


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Ah shucks – I’m so caught off guard. I was hoping that it was me but I was afraid to dream. I personally enjoyed the “We’d orgie now” arrangement but I’ll take the ring anyways.

    I’ll send an email with Erik’s upcoming travel dates if you could please post other clever puzzles for me to fill my time on those dates. Cute kid pictures just won’t cut it.

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