Flinging poo

I think I’ve written before about how at dinner we often throw imaginary things at each other, like cactus balls and heart attacks?  One person might throw an imaginary rock at another, who may cover it with an imaginary cushion and use it for a pillow, then a third person may squirt imaginary sticky juice all over the pillow, etc. etc. etc.  Or, for another example straight from last night’s dinner table:

Vincenzo: [making throwing motion] Throw poop at Mommy.
Me: Woah–we can only talk about poop in the bathroom.  But we could talk about…
Kevin: Logs!
Me: …
V: Throw log at Daddy.
K: Rub log all over face.
Me: And we can talk about loaves!*
V: Throw loaf at Daddy’s face.
K: Smell loaf.  Mmmmmm!
Me: And brownies!
V: Throw brownie at Daddy.
K: Take brownie.  Stick it in loaf.  Throw loaf-brownie back at Vincenzo.
V: I eat it.

Bon appétit, everyone, bon appétit.

Vegetarian lasagna
Salad w/oranges and candied almonds

*What, don’t all your husbands come home from work, give you a kiss, and announce that they have to go “pinch a loaf?”


3 thoughts on “Flinging poo

  1. So what is it about work that works on a man’s bowels? Maybe not the same phraseology, but definitely the same thing happens when my hubby gets home.

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