Whidbey Word Scramble

So back to the beach cabin.  One of the many treasures discovered in the garage was a box of spray-painted letters.


No one had any recollection what the letters originally spelled or where they actually came from (though it can be assumed they were a SUPER deal), so we took a few stabs at it.  The rule was we needed to use all the letters and the apostrophe/comma, though I think we left the apostrocomma out of a couple of these.






And my personal favorite:


Or maybe this one is. 


I love thinking some housewife spent her whole day spray painting and cutting out these letters then lovingly arranging them on the front yard so that when her doting husband came home from work, he’d know his darling was, indeed, home.

Anyway, this is the what I love so much about our family’s cabin.  You go up there with nothing more than some old clothes and grubby shoes and no solid plans, and then you spend an entire day rearranging gigantic letters on the patio while the guys have a heated debate about whether or not to keep the 5,000 pink carpet squares in the garage.  Maybe that afternoon you crash the wedding party at the club across the street (yes, my family* has really done that).  That evening you dance with your kids dance to the same Mickey Mouse Disco Club record (yes, RECORD on an actual record player) that you used to disco to.  And you go home feeling like the richest person in the world.

Back to the letters.  If you can come up with a logical, believable phrase that these letters make, I will give you a fabulous prize.  Like maybe my recipe for peanut butter chip brownies.  Or my wedding ring. 

Summer vegetable torta, which was fabulous but I would not wish the recipe on my worst enemy
Lemon pie

*See asterik from yesterday’s post


7 thoughts on “Whidbey Word Scramble

  1. Okay. I’m home alone and this was the most fun I’ve had since the girls went to bed.

    The contenders…
    Window go here (apostrophe is an arrow)
    Go in where mod (such as to the neighbor’s wedding party)
    I’d go home Mern (same housewife as earlier mentioned, but now is warning Mern that Gordon is home).

    and the winner…
    We’d orgie now

    At first glance there may appear to be a typo but 1) urban dictionary.com allows for this alternate spelling of orgy and 2) those posting lawn advertisements can’t be held to Webster’s standards.

    Let me know if you need my address.

  2. I have never read anything that made me laugh so hard I cried before, Casey, but I seriously need a Kleenex. I’ll let you know about the address.

  3. BTW, I know that I already won and all, but I thought that I would let you know how the actual letters were going to be used. It’s not nearly as funny and exciting but it is much more logical.


    One must assume that it was going to be a header to show progress of some sort. Just thought I’d let you know…

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