One man’s trash is another man’s trash too

My family visited our beach house again this weekend.  The guys decided to clean out the garage and it was…it was…WOW.  There was a LOT of stuff in there and everything, my husband pointed out, had a sale sticker on it.  His favorite example was this cache of wood paneling.  Check out the sale sticker:


Originally $6.88, on sale for $4.88!!!1!1  You must be thinking, “What a deal!”  Suckers.  My family* knew better.  They waited it out and got it for…


Ninety eight cents!  Back in 1987 that was like a week’s salary!  So let’s play the “Keep it or Toss it game.”  What do you think my family did with the wood paneling?

If you said KEEP it, you’re a big winner today.  My uncle is going to take it home and install it in his attic, which does not currently have wood paneling, if you can believe that.  (I know!)

There was also this unfinished boat hanging in the garage.


And inside that boat, among many many other things, was…another boat!


And inside of that boat was…you guessed it, ANOTHER BOAT!


There was also what appears to be all that remains of BUCK KELLY, whoever BUCK KELLY was.


We can only assume these were BUCK KELLY’s flippers, as they seem to have been through something fairly traumatic.


Time for another round of Keep It or Toss It.  What do you think my family chose for each of these items?

If you said “Keep it” for everything, you’re WRONG!  They did not keep the flippers because, DUH.

Other items of interest: This Fourth of July outdoor window covering.  Keep or toss?


KEEP!  And hang up!  (Much to my aunt’s chagrin.)  (Not to mention it’s not even in front of a window.)


And a set of decorative light switch panels.  That’s gold embossed holly on there, people.  Keep or toss?


Aha–TOSS!  (My aunt decided she should maybe hang around outside after the window covering thing.)

After a whole day of cleaning, are you ready to see the results?


I’m sorry I didn’t take a “before” picture, but the “after” picture should suffice for both.

All this, and I didn’t even get to the funny part yet.  But you’ll be back for more tomorrow.  I know you.

Spaghetti carbonara
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Applesauce snack cake

*For the duration of this post, “family” refers to my dad and uncle.


3 thoughts on “One man’s trash is another man’s trash too

  1. Rachel – thanks for the ongoing laughs. This actually reminds me of a few of my family members … who shall remain nameless…

  2. The boat in a boat in a boat was sort of Suess-ish.

    One day, my family is going to clean out my craft space and think “WHAT was she thinking?”

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