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QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mom, wanna hear me count to eight by fives?”

I’m not a big fan of blogging when there’s nothing to blog about, but I’m starting to feel sorry for people who keep checking this blog, hoping to actually read something.  I’m kind of worried that you’re actually going to FORGET how to read because I know you stop reading all other blogs once you have found mine. 

So today, I give you…WORDS.  They’re not incredibly funny words, but they do contain letters and all.

So for my New Year’s resolution this year I made a Fixer-Upper Cupboard.  That is, I wrote down twelve things I’d like to improve in our house, each on its own sticky note.  Each month we’ve tackled one of the projects, and then we move its sticky note to the Fixed Up Cupboard.  It’s been fun to see the details in our house finally being attended to, and Kevin has appreciated the slight decrease in my complaining about things like doorknobs and unframed cat doors.  He has also noticed a slight increase in my complaining about new things like asparagus pee and that burner on our stove that no longer turns off.

This week we sent Vincenzo to his grandparents so Kevin and I could spend a day swearing at each other and making out in public and other stuff we can’t do with a kid around.  We were actually going to go to the fair so we could make fun of all the misplaced apostrophes and abuse of quotation marks in the 4-H posters, as Vincenzo just doesn’t appreciate that side of the fair the way we do, but it was pouring rain.  Instead we spent the day browsing for doorknobs, eating more gyro meat than you can shake a shish kabob at, and not really doing much else.  Just being.  It was perfect.  We may be the youngest couple ever to have already reached the stump stage of Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree.”

To summarize, here is how Kevin showed up for his review at work.  (You know—the review where they tell you how you’re performing and whether or not you’re getting a promotion?)


Yes, that’s a squirrel costume.

He’s so nutty.

Chile relleno casserole
Bread and tomato salad


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