Seaside II

I still feel like you don’t quite understand what the town we visited this weekend was like.  Let me try again. 

For those of you in the south, think Bourbon Street only replace every bar with an ice cream shop and replace every drunk guy you see with an enormously obese, white guy sharing an ice cream with his beard.

For those of you on the west coast, think Las Vegas only replace the casinos with arcades and people standing on the corner passing out cards with whores on them with a guy who stands on a corner passing out free taffy and singing a creepy song about visiting his taffy store.  Also, replace the Cirque du Soleil with an annual rock and gem show.

For those of you on the east coast, think Jersey Shore only replace Snookie with me in a fat suit.

Which explains why I seriously can’t wait for our vacation weekend to roll around each summer, and why it never disappoints.

Just in case any of you are tired of me making fun of my little Guidos and want to see some pretty pictures from our weekend, here you are.








2 thoughts on “Seaside II

  1. Your vacation looks so wonderful, we decided to take one too. That means we are missing the first of the Jacrabbits classes on 9/9. We will be there hell or high water the following week though.

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