Surviving a seaside vacation

This weekend was our annual trip to the beach, to a city that boasts “170 kinds of saltwater taffy.”  Now that Vincenzo has been there, it could also boast “170 ways to have a meltdown.”  Seriously.  We’d be all, “Hey Vincenzo, wanna go to the arcade and then get some ice cream?” and he’d hit the floor like he was shot and roll all around the hotel room, screaming that he didn’t want to he didn’t want to HE DIDN’T WA-HA-HAAAAAAAANT TO!"  So we’d tell him okay, we won’t, and then there would be an even bigger meltdown that usually ended with him throwing the queen size bed off the balcony then setting his own hair on fire. 

When he wasn’t melting down he spent a lot of time ordering us around, demanding things, and threatening to hit small children with his shovel.  We’re beginning to think that Hitler’s parents were just a nice, fun-loving, liberal couple with a good sense of humor who took little Hitler to quaint seaside towns on the weekends.

As for Rocco, our calm, good-natured baby has been crying for a week straight and just went right on with that through our family vacation.  I took him to the doctor last week and this week I think I’ll take him to the priest.

Anyway, we managed to have a good time despite it all.

Here Vincenzo appears to be tasting the wind until you look a little closer and notice he’s about to taste something a bit more…flavorful.


We took the kids on the Carousel of Death.  It starts innocently enough…


but then…


and then


and finally

and then when you get off your arms do this.


We really outdid ourselves and took Rocco out of the stroller this weekend.  Here’s how it went for him:




(This last one isn’t so much a picture as a sound.  “EEERRRRRHHHHH!”)

So we put him back in the stroller.

See if you can spot Poppy in this picture—it might be hard because he’s wearing a camouflage hat. 


You know how they say that the bubbly foam that sits on top of hot tub water comes from the oils and grime off of all the bodies that have been in there?  We’d like to thank the big hairy guy and his equally hairy wife who visited the spa earlier in the day for the following pictures:

IMG_1942 IMG_1943 IMG_1944

Vincenzo, any final thoughts on our vacation?


Tuna melts
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Peanut butter chocolate brownies

4 thoughts on “Surviving a seaside vacation

  1. Just a few days ago Ava rode the exact same horse as Vincenzo on the carousel of death, but I don’t think her arms went as crazy!

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