Week O’ Fun(ish)

One of the moms I met this year who I will heretofore refer to as Vetty is just like me in that she has a gigantic list of things she wants to do and she wants to do them NOW and she will not be able to sleep until she gets them done.  We want to take the kids to a waterfall, go hiking in the mountains, sign up for that dam tour, take the boys kayaking, take ferry rides to nowhere, hit up every zoo and museum we can find, get the kids drunk and take them bungee jumping.  (Just checking if you’re still reading.  You are.)

Vetty’s weakness is that she can’t seem to make time in her schedule for all her ideas.  My weakness is that even with a printed out map, hand-written directions, and a cell phone most of my attempts to find new places end on the side of the road with me placing a sobbing, panicky phone call to my husband, who then has a heck of a time trying to figure out how to tell me how to get back home.

So.  Vetty and I have joined forces and are slowly but surely making it through our list of things to do.  We decided to kick off our adventures with a Week O’ Fun.  Let’s do something new!  Let’s do something bold!  Let’s do something CRAZY!!  And let’s do it EVERY DAY this week!

Except Monday and Friday, because we’re busy.

Oh, and except—did you see the weather forecast? 

So we went to the same beach we’ve been to two to three times a week all summer long…


Then followed it up with a trip to the park we’ve been going to all summer long…


And ended it at the farm/amusement park we go to all year long.


You can tell from everyone’s faces it was totally lame.

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