La LA, la la la la…

Oh man, I woke up this morning of my own accord.  For the first time in over a year, I woke up because I had gotten enough sleep!  Not because someone was crying, not because someone was asking, “WHERE’S MY BREAKFAST?!”, not because someone was breathing on my back like the Big Bad Wolf.  True, it was 5AM when I woke up but enough sleep is enough sleep, whether it’s 5AM or noon.  I feel downright SMURFY.

A few quickies from my week:

1. Vincenzo to me: Rocco loves your boobs so much.  It’s like he’s a zombie and your boobs are a person.

2. Overheard yesterday:
V, charging out of his room: Okay Daddy, I’m ready to tackle you!
D: Woah—you’ve got to put some underwear on first!

3. Kevin keeps a stack of books and magazines on the back of the toilet and apparently it’s the only place Vincenzo ever sees him reading because the other day when he walked into the dining area and saw Kevin reading at the table he said, “Going potty, Daddy?”

4.  I’m thinking of starting up a line of fool-proof fortune cookies.  Here are a few examples—you know what to do to the endings.

a.  You will go to sleep.
b.  You will wake up.
c.  You should not eat crackers.

5.  Vincenzo: Mom, you know why I don’t think much anymore?
Me: No…why?
Vincenzo: Because I………………because I…………………I think……………um…………………never mind, I forgot.

It’s going to be a smuuuuurfy day!  I think I’ll spend some time smurfing the Internet now.  And anyone who does not share my smurfuberance can just smurf off.  (Though I think the Catholic church’s stance is you go blind if you smurf off too much, so please exercise caution.)

Aren’t I so much more fun when I’m not tired?

Gado gado salad

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