Summertime blues

I went to my laptop today and this screen was showing on the BING page:



I love that Rocco actually typed out his crying at the end of it.

Rocco had his one-year appointment this week, two weeks late because during his first scheduled appointment we were playing hooky at Wild Waves and during the second one we were sitting at home picking our noses.  The doctor asked me what Rocco eats in a day and I decided to fib a little because the truthful answer would include a little fruit, a little carbs, several handfuls of woodchips, a few wads of carpet lint, and an unknown amount of his own feces.*  Oh, plus a rock but he only licked it so I don’t know if it counts.

Anyway, whatever he’s eating seems to be working as even though height dropped from the 25th percentile to the 15th percentile the nurse announced cheerily, “At least his weight is up!”  As in, he used to be in the third percentile and now he’s in the fourth.  Cue the fireworks.

As for Vincenzo, this week he’s  pretending to be a lion that hatches from an egg, then he goes back in the eggshell and hatches again so that he can be his own lion friend.  I’ve tried to explain to him about mammals and live birth and all but it only makes him hatch all the more furiously.

Seriously, there’s just not much going on around here lately.  I actually think the whole Momosphere is kind of slumping right now though.  Have you noticed?



(That’s a road behind them, not the river it appears to be.  Happy friggin’ August.)

Cornbread taco bake
Salad with roasted red peppers, feta, and garbanzos
Brown sugar carrots if I’m feeling inspired
Ice cream cake

*Really did happen but I’m too grossed out to tell you about it.  Plus, it was totally my fault.  Not in an I-put-it-on-his-spoon-instead-of-yogurt kind of way, but still definitely my fault.

5 thoughts on “Summertime blues

  1. I can’t agree more- not much is going on in blog land. I have to be honest- I’m feeling totally uninspired right now. The endless days of our completely bulls*@t summer are turning my mind to mush- even thought I work full time.

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