Little Things

I am too busy playing in the sun to blog lately, but I found this draft from about two months ago.  So here’s your friggin’ bone.

Things I don’t want to forget from today:

1.  Vincenzo waking up from nap and emerging not from his bedroom but from the coat closet, looking rather disheveled and sporting a hook instead of his left arm.

2.  Rocco signing “all done” for the first time.  It looks like he’s doing the hula dance with his tiny arms.

3.  Vincenzo trying to get out of nap time by telling me I’m skinny.

4.  Rocco, who is usually too busy crawling and exploring to be held at all anymore, slumping cozily into me while I sang him songs after dinner

5.  Vincenzo and I singing “Eye of the Tiger” while making cookies

6.  Vincenzo and I singing “Eye of the Toaster” while eating breakfast (“It’s the eye of the toaster it’s the thrill of the bread rising up from the heat–now it’s browner…”)

Pizza (there’s going to be a  lot of that lately—I’m in search of the perfect homemade crust)
Roasted prosciutto-wrapped figs stuffed with blue cheese

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