5 Funny Things

1. Vincenzo and his friend were playing firefighters/police officers while having a snack.

Friend: [answering pretend phone urgently] 911, what’s your emergency?!!
Friend: Okay, we’ll be there as soon as we finish our popsicles.

2. During Spanish class I was reviewing the verb “to be.”  Specifically, I was reviewing that “soy” means “I am.”  Here’s how far my students have come in six months:
Me: [pointing to self] Soy Americana.
Sister: [pointing to self] Um…I’ll take a grande?

3.  A random conversation:

Vincenzo: Mom, did you know that flowers grow where you plant seeds?
Me: Yes.
Vincenzo: How did you know that?
Me: I’ve been around the block a few times.
Vincenzo: When?

4.  In my Spanish teaching materials we came across some stickers for labeling things in your house and I let Vincenzo go to town. 

Me: Vincenzo, why did you stick the “zero” sticker on the wall?
Vincenzo: Because there aren’t any elephants there.  [Duh!]

5.  McStreamy’s kid hit another milestone this week.  Remember how just a couple weeks ago I made fun of him for flipping himself off?  Well, behold his latest development:


I wonder if McStreamy gets all torn up about these milestones like I do—does she pine for the days her n00b would flip himself off, yet is the blow softened by her excitement and pride that he is now capable of flipping other people off?

Or is she just thankful both his eyes are looking at the same thing now?

Balsamic-marinated, blue-cheese filled portobellos
Lemon spaghettini
Sugar snap peas
Peach cobbler a la mode

2 thoughts on “5 Funny Things

  1. We’re pretty proud that he has mastered the bird but we’re thankful that he smiles. Maybe he’ll combine the two soon.

  2. I absolutely must have the recipe for the balsamic-marinated, blue-cheese filled portobellos.

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