Seven years and feeling itchy

Kevin and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend.  Seven friggin’ years together.  Every year on our anniversary I’m shocked and disbelieving at how long we’ve been together, just like I’m shocked and disbelieving at how old my kids are on their birthdays.  If time worked the way my mind thinks it does, we’d currently be about two months married with two newborns (Vincenzo and Rocco), my parents still be watching that show “30-Something,” and I’d just be graduating from college, high school, and kindergarten.

Anyway, in honor of ourselves we spent our first overnight alone in an entire year (thanks so much, Mom and Dad!).  We headed to the lodge where we got married.  Here’s a picture from their website and whoever took it was really patient, waiting those 364 days to snap a picture on the one day of the year we get blue sky. 

As it was, the weather was gray and 60 degrees for us, which for once is what I wanted, as we spent the afternoon in the spa and getting a couples’ massage.  If the weather had been anywhere near nice, all I would have wanted to do was stand in the parking lot with my palms upwards, staring directly at the sun until I either went blind or got hit by a tourist bus.

That night we ate at the restaurant there that catered our wedding, which was so fabulous I almost feel bad for making fun of the dessert.  I’m just not sure what’s going on here.  Is it a chocolate hand-push lawn mower or something?  Is that Joe Camel’s nose on top of it?  And most importantly, what bastard ran his finger through our caramel before serving it to us?!


Arms look funny like this.


I threw caution to the wind and wore heels for the night.  I paid for it the next day, but it was totally worth it.


After dinner we sipped hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps by the glow of our shoes.


And I explained to Kevin it’s not technically a photo bomb if you’re the subject of the picture.


He punched my left eye out for saying it.  But we still managed to make the self-portrait work.


I’d now like to wish everyone on the Internets a very happy anniversary to my husband.

Cheddar burgers with balsamic onions and chipotle ketchup
Salad with cherries, gouda, and candied pecans

…or hot dogs on the beach.  Like I said, caution has been thrown to the winds.

2 thoughts on “Seven years and feeling itchy

  1. I know where you stayed- love that place. I’m sure the chef ran his finger through the caramel with a glove on. Congrats on 7 years!

  2. #1 – happy belated anniversary. I’m SURE I thought about it on Sunday…
    #2 – sounds like heaven!
    #3 – I adore your freckles
    #4 – can you two stop being so damn cute already? C’mon, we’re all supposed to be old and wrinkly by now. Sheesh.

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