Summer nirvana

Whenever Vincenzo’s childhood mirrors mine for some reason I feel like we’re doing it right.  If I remember driving over the mountain pass in the summer as a child, it’s on my list of things we need to do before Vincenzo turns 18.  If I picked strawberries by hand and helped Mom make jam, then take me to the strawberry fields, stat!  If we visited a dam when I was a kid, then SIGN US UP FOR THE DAM TOUR ALREADY!

If you can’t tell, I get kind of stressed out by all the things Vincenzo hasn’t done yet that I did.

But then there are evenings when everything falls into place and his happy laughter sounds just like my own used to, and I can relax because something from The List is happening.  Friday night was one of those times.  It wasn’t planned, it just happened—playing in the pool with a friend like I used to do all summer long. 


Making up games, teasing each other…


…getting boo-boo’s and then making out–I mean making up for them.


Making that squealing noise that was so annoying before we had kids and now is the sweetest sound on Earth.


My favorite was when they got out of the pool and could only find one towel so Abby said, “That’s all right, we’ll just hug dry!”


Even if somewhere during that drying hug, Vincenzo looked at her and said, “Nom!”  No joke.


When Abby’s not around Vincenzo isn’t that into the pool.  He calls the water “poison drops” and can spend an entire hour in it yet emerge as dry as a bone (he sits up on the inflatable slide the whole time). 

It’s good to have friends to get you out of your shell.


Cheese-filled hotdogs
Figs, grapes, crackers, and cheese
Blanched green beans
Sugar snap peas


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