1. Hey, McStreamy’s kid has a message for you all.

Flippin' the Bird by Laurie and Jim

(Actually, McStreamy pointed out it’s really a message for himself, as he seems to be giving himself the bird.  But he’s looking at YOU.)  (Well, his left eye is, anyway.)  (t’s McStreamy’s kid.)

2. Vincenzo and I going through the ABC’s again, with activities and art for each letter of the alphabet—this time in scrambled order because it’s easier to be a slacker that way.  Like this: “Oh look, we’re at QFC!  I guess that means it’s Q day!”  (Mentally check off “activity” for Q day.  Also: “F” and “C” days.)   Vincenzo and I were talking about other things that start with Q and how we could incorporate them into our day and we came to the word “quit.”  I asked Vincenzo if there’s anything we could quit today.  He said, “Yeah.  We could quit the ABC’s.”

3.  HUGE NEWS!!  Vincenzo wrote his name for the first time ever!!!  It was his idea, not mine, when he spied a pack of LifeSavers and asked if I would give him one if he wrote his name.  I managed to keep my cool and not act like he had just won his first beauty pageant or gotten his first black eye.  Unfortunately, he wrote it on a white board so I can’t exactly put it in his box of Keepers, but here’s the picture:


(He wanted two LifeSavers, in case you couldn’t tell.  But isn’t my his first “z” perfect?)

4.  This guy here…


…is just a few weeks from being one year old.  I still keep referring to him as “the newborn.”  He’s definitely topping the weight chart in the newborn category.

5.  Life is…good.

How about you tell me what you’re cookin’ 2nite for a change, as I am once again NOT cookin’.


One thought on “Tidbits

  1. I take the bus now, and saw your sister at a bus stop in Seattle! I was banging on the window and acting like the usual idiot that I am.

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