Shoe blues

My foot is still not better from the weenie little sprain I got playing basketball back in April.  I can go about my daily business all right but I can’t go for walks or run or jump or kick people in the shins like I used to.  That’s pretty lame in itself, but it’s not the worst thing ever. 

The worst thing ever is not being able to wear my shoes.  I am lousy at fixing my hair; I don’t bother with accessories; I am a mediocre dresser; but the one thing I know how to do right is shoes.  Here is a small sampling of the shoes in my closet I can no longer wear:











This last pair is especially heartbreaking as I bought them mere DAYS before spraining my foot and they haven’t even been broken in yet.


And now for the pictures of shoes in my closet I am allowed to wear:



(I think this is the part where you take me out back and shoot me.)

Leftover pork with stuffing
Smoky ricotta fritters

5 thoughts on “Shoe blues

  1. I’m with Elizabeth – I couldn’t wear most of those shoes with a healthy foot!

  2. So ummm…like…what size do you wear, cuz I love the second and last pair, and if you’re not wearing them….

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