Now that Vincenzo has nearly mastered the English language, I have significantly fewer “Quickies.”  That makes these ones all the more valuable:

1.  "Mom, watch out!  That volcano’s interrupting!”

2.  The second is from when I was doing physical therapy for my sprained foot.  I was trying to stand on one foot with my eyes closed (doctor’s orders) and I kept falling over.

Me: Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing shoes?
Vincenzo: Or it could be because you’re not wearing a bra.
Me: [looking down]  Touché.

3.  This week Vincenzo told me when he grows up he’d like to sell Slurpees during the summer (because he’ll be a skier during winter).  I’m planning on spending his college savings on…what else?  Slurpees!


No clue

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