He gets so emotional, baby

It has GOT to be hard to be a baby.  All these pictures were taken in about 20 seconds, in this order, and what an emotional roller coaster those 20 seconds were for my 10-month-old.  I’ll try to label them but honestly I don’t think there are names for quite all of the emotions demonstrated here.





Stressed (“I know you’re taking pictures of me so why am I still hungry?”)






Never mind—this one’s pissed.  The last one was kind of cheerful next to this one.



Cool, confident.  (Me?  Upset?  Naaaaaah.)



OMG did I just see a boob?! 

(Yes, that’s an official, certified emotion.) 
(Just take your shirt off in front of your husband if you don’t believe me.)


Blackened red snapper
Beans and bacon in cider vinaigrette

4 thoughts on “He gets so emotional, baby

  1. Anyone who doesn’t believe the last one is a real emotion has either never breast-fed or has a robot for a husband.

  2. Okay. I’ve commented on the previous two posts and insulted both you and your firstborn. If you don’t start replying to me I’m going to throw a fit. It’s all about ME!!!

    Did you get a new high chair?

  3. Casey: Get your own blog.

    But in the meantime, you are welcome to continue to insult me and my children. Iz funny.

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