Wedding of Champions

My SIL, Wendy, got married this weekend and I have no idea how to describe what happened.  It’s going to sound like I’m making a lot of this up, so I guess the best word would be unbelievable.  We are all still in shock.  It was INSANE, this wedding.  There should be a different name for it because no matter how many images come to mind when I say “wedding,” I guarantee you most of those images would not come anywhere close to the ones in my head right now.

Let’s start with a little game of Truth, Truth, Lie.  You figure out the lie:

1.  Vince Vaughn was sighted among the guests.
2.  The band Phish played at the wedding.
3.  The bride and groom sipped out of the friggin’ Stanley Cup itself.

We’re doing the rest of it Encyclopedia Brown style; figure out the lie when you can.

So the first thing you should know is that the wedding was at TheWit in downtown Chicago.

The second thing you should know is that the band Phish was indeed staying at TheWit—coincidentally or not.

The third thing you should know is that the Blackhawks is Chicago’s hockey team and they won the Stanley Cup just two days before the wedding and that TWO MILLION FANS filled the streets for a parade the day of the wedding..

The fourth thing you should know is that Vince Vaughn is a huge Blackhawks fan.

Let me back up a bit.

On Wednesday night the groom and his family came over to my in-laws’ house in the suburbs of Chicago to watch the Stanley Cup.  Wendy, her mom, and I shut the doors to the TV room to put together the last minute pieces of the wedding and to curse the Blackhawks.  If they lost the game tonight, the Stanley Cup finals would actually be held during the wedding and would, in the women’s opinions, TOTALLY RUIN it.  If they won, there would be a big celebration the afternoon of the wedding that would make it hard for guests to get to the wedding and would also RUIN the WEDDING, but not as totally.  When Kane scored the winning goal for the Blackhawks the men went crazy with excitement and the women breathed a sigh of relief.  But only a small, still-stressed-out sigh of relief.

On Thursday we checked into the hotel and word started spreading that Phish was playing at the wedding reception.

On Friday afternoon the bride and bridesmaids went to get their hair done while the groom partied at the parade and couldn’t believe his incredible luck, especially when the bus with the Stanley Cup drove right by him and he was just inches away from that holy grail of hockey.  Close enough to be sprayed with champagne from one of the Blackhawks in the parade.

The wedding began at 6PM (it was BEAUTIFUL), the rooftop cocktail hour at 7PM (it was RITZY), the reception at 8PM (it was AWESOME). 

At 11:00PM the wedding guests got wind that the entire Blackhawk team was at the hotel and was heading up to the rooftop with the Stanley Cup.  There were two million people milling around, wanting to get on the rooftop with the Blackhawk team.

Now you should know that since TheWit hotel opened one year ago, the rooftop bar, a.k.a. TheRoof, has become one of the hottest spots to hang out in downtown Chicago.  The only way to gain access is to either have it reserved months in advance or to stand in a very long, very slow moving line for however many hours until you are allowed on the one elevator exclusively designated for rooftop access.

The fifth thing you should know is that eight months ago, my SIL signed up for the wedding package that included an after party at TheRoof and that the after party began promptly at 11:00PM.

So, Encyclopedia Brown, you have probably deduced by now that the wedding guests headed upstairs where they got pictures with the Blackhawk players and pictures of their fan Vince Vaughn (who my FIL described as “a complete tool”) and one thing led to another and the bride and groom ended up on top of a table on TheRoof, sipping out of the Stanley Cup with straws.

(Pictures courtesy of Colin Lyons Photography)

And that, my friends, was PUCKING AWESOME.  It was one pucking awesome wedding.

Back to the problem of finding the perfect word to describe this wedding party/Stanley Cup celebration thingy. 

So just as we were checking out of the hotel room we noticed a framed picture of the word SYZYGY, which we had never heard of.  We leaned in to see its definition, written alongside it.

SYZYGY: the joining of two entities without loss of identities.

Syzygy what happens when a hockey championship collides with a wedding party.  They were both there, the Stanley Cup holding every little boy’s dream of winning a championship; the wedding holding every little girl’s dream of becoming a princess in a fairy tale.  And even though those are two whip-lashingly different concepts to think about, together they created a wedding that was so fun, so full of life and celebration, so full of random chance and incredible luck that it could never be recreated or rivaled again.

And that is exactly how one would describe Wendy and JP.  They are syzygial, one a pharmacist and one a personal trainer; one a Colombian and the other an Italian; one who works hard and one who plays hard.  And for some reason the world chose their wedding to show just how precious and powerful it is when two things from opposite realms come together at the right place and the right time.

Congratulations to the most deserving couple I’ve ever met.

14 thoughts on “Wedding of Champions

  1. I’m going to say AWESOME, but seriously, that hardly describes it. I think it would make for a great romantic comedy script.

  2. Well c’mon JP, you’re not THAT interesting! 😀

    Rachel, I have been waiting for your post-wedding post and it did not disappoint – thanks! I had no idea about Phish, though. I’m still in shock about any of this happening. Unbelievable.

  3. Thanks, Renee. I did give a toast but it was totally different. Maybe I’ll post it too?

  4. Absolutely Amazing! Love the picture of Wendy and JP. Sounds like absolutely the perfect night for them. Congratulations to the two of them and way to go SIL for the great recap. I’d want that printed for my wedding album. That is definitely one wedding story that should be repeated often at family events for generations to come.

  5. You are the best Rachel!!!! Love all the posts and your witty take on everything!! You and Kevin really contributed sooo much to the wedding. You calmed me down when I needed it, made me laugh when I needed it, and solved so many of my “major” dilemmas (panic that those ceremony program circles would not be perfect and totally RUIN everything haha, etc)! You rock as a wife, mom, and as a sister!!

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