The “other” friend

Vincenzo has made fast friends with his buddy from school, Carson.  The two have a relationship that is definitely…unique (although not unique in the states of Oregon and Massachusetts, perhaps).  Read on:

1.  Carson often calls Vincenzo “honey” when they’re playing.  His mom asked him about it and he said, “I call him ‘honey’ because we love each other and that’s what people call each other,” then added,  “We’re married.” 

2. Vincenzo agreed about the married part, but later he did ask Carson to please stop calling him “honey.”

3.  After a play date at our house, Vincenzo dictated this e-mail to Carson:

Hi Carson! *smile* I love boinging with you. We boing everywhere. You left your cape here so you should probably swing by and pick up your cape. You could do it today.  Love, Superdragon

Carson dictated back: Machenzo – We boing everywhere!! Thank you Machenzo for being my friend!  Love, Carson

4. Vincenzo later told me he wanted to be in a Boing Band with Carson.

5.  Carson had never met or event heard of Vincenzo’s other BFF, Abby.  It happened one day that there was an event all three of them were at for the first time.  Abby and Vincenzo were walking around holding hands when Carson spied them together for the first time.  He burst into angry, hurt tears and charge toward them, yelling, “BUT VINCENZO IS MY FRIEND!!”  We came *this close* to stopping by his house with a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s that night.

We always knew he was going to be a heartbreaker; we just didn’t know it would happen before he even hit kindergarten!

MIL’s surprise!

2 thoughts on “The “other” friend

  1. If I had a friend who took such good care of my cape when I accidentally left it at his house, I’d want to marry him too.

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