Home sweet home

All I wanted to do this Memorial Day weekend was spend time hanging around the house, gardening and making improvements and taking naps.  The crazy thing is, we did exactly that.  I know!  Crazy!!

I worry sometimes that I’ve become like one of the lame green snakes in the children’s book “Verdi,” just hanging on a tree branch around all day instead of streaking through the forest with my snake balls hanging out for all the forest people to see.  (I think that’s how the story goes, anyway.)  (It’s been awhile.)  I remember freaking out to Kevin before we were married, wondering how I was going to do all the world-wide traveling and adventures I had planned.*  Summers in Switzerland!  Teaching in Japan!  Backpacking through Australia!  The east coast in the fall, Mexico in the winter, a food tour in Thailand, a music tour in Austria, learning the tango in Argentina! 

Kevin looked at me and said, “But you can still do all that when we’re married.”  I felt relieved for exactly one second, until I started worrying that I might change so much that I wouldn’t want to travel anymore.  Back then, the thought of not traveling seemed like death. 

Today, the thought of not traveling feels like…a huge relief.  When I travel, Ihave to  leave this world that I’ve created behind for awhile—this world stuffed it with everything I love best: my husband, my sons, my family and friends, my wild attempts to cook something new, my haphazard stints in the garden, scrapbooking on demand, my house with its chartruse and cranberry and butter colored walls.

I used to get gypsy feet because I was so afraid of becoming stagnant.  I don’t feel that need now that I have young children who change so much from week to week that I have to reintroduce myself every Monday.  We have more fun blazing trails through our ravine and staying up late to watch movies than we do dragging them through a different city or even a theme park.  Not to mention (as I have mentioned many times before) the feeling of being held hostage by a 4-year-old and a baby sharing a hotel room at night.  *shudder*

So Memorial Day at home was perfect.  Who knew that staying at home could feel so much like…home?



Sweet sausage stuffed peppers
Maybe with couscous, carrots and cilantro on the side
Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes

*(I hadn’t yet fully realized my intense fear of flying back then.) 

One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. AGREED! Thaks for sharing, it is so easy to relate and that is why I was so happy to take my kids camping in the rain instead of hangin’ out on a tropical beach…or maybe not. 😉

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