Baby fish is here!

As some of you may know, my good friend McStreamy has spawned.  This is one of the first pictures she sent me of her little mackerel (unbaptized, otherwise he’d be a Holy Mackerel).


McStreamy and MountainMan are, by all means, exceeding expectations as new parents.  Frankly, they’re making the rest of us look bad.

Anyway, the little guy needs a good alias for my blog.  Kevin and I came up with a few ideas and need your input.  Either vote for one of these or be so bold as to come up with something better:

McCreamy (as per above picture)
McSpawn (or just Spawn)
McJunior Double Cheeseburger
Fry Guy
Little Fishy (because it’s fun to say “he’s a little fishy…”)
Not My Kid

So…what should it be?

And to provide further inspiration, here are the faces behind the names:


Twice baked potatoes (bacon/cheddar/chive and gorgonzola/mozzarella/shallot)
Roasted asparagus
Old fashioned chocolate cake

5 thoughts on “Baby fish is here!

  1. As next in command, I would like to add my own list for people to vote on:

    Winky Dink

  2. I’d like to toss a vote in for Spawn although I do like little fishy & fry guy.

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