Not much doin’

So here’s a little of nothin’.

1. We bought a swimming pool but found that it had a leak in it, so yesterday Kevin went outside to put it back in the box.  Vincenzo was hovering over him, panicking and crying at the same time.
Kevin: What’s wrong?
Vincenzo: Don’t take it away, Daddy!
Kevin: But there’s a hole in it.  We’ll just get a new pool to replace it.
Vincenzo: Not the pool, Daddy, *sob*, the BOX!

2. Vincenzo got really and truly photo bombed this weekend.


3. Vincenzo is very proud of his ability to tell time.  Today I saw him demonstrate to his grandma how to adjust the hands on a clock I made him and explaining, “See, Grammy?  You just have to make sure the short hand is always on the 13.”

Costco dogs, I hopes I hopes!

One thought on “Not much doin’

  1. V is way ahead of the game- I don’t think that James has any concept of time other than it slows down when I ask him to hurry.

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