One night in the life of MrsMouthy

This is the counterpart to A Day in the Life of MrsMouthy, and it’s significantly less funny.  But maybe that’s just because I’m so damn tired…

8:00: Put Rocco to bed

8:30: Put Vincenzo to bed.  He thanks God for the ability to transform into any animal he wants and for shooting.

9:00: Force Kevin to watch TV with me even though he is visibly tired.  He tells me we should go to bed because we’ll probably be up all night and I tell him to stop being so dramatic.

9:30: We go to bed.

11:30: Rocco wakes up crying; we let him work it out on his own.

12:30: Vincenzo wakes up crying.  Kevin calms him down because Vincenzo has never once in his life worked it out on his own.

1:30: Vincenzo walks into our room, shoves us off our pillows, lays down across them, and falls promptly asleep.  I take him back to bed.

3:00: Rocco wakes up crying.  We give him a binky and he falls back to sleep.

4:30: Rocco wakes up crying.  I nurse him.

4:31: A cat we’re watching spends an hour pulls the same move Vincenzo pulled 3 hours earlier, only she does it over and over again for an hour.

5:30: We fall asleep.

6:00: Rocco wakes up.  Kevin goes to hot yoga, I play with Rocco.

7:30: Rocco takes first nap.  Vincenzo wakes up.  Kevin heads to work.  I decide once again that today might not be the best day to broach the subject of whether or not to have another kid.

Coq a vin
Mashed potatoes
Salad with fennel and grapes
Chocolate silk pie

7 thoughts on “One night in the life of MrsMouthy

  1. That doesn’t sound so bad (cringe). I’m glad that Rocco is working at least some of the wake ups out by himself – let’s focus on the improvements from needing to eat every hour.

    Here is my unsolicited advice: Lose the tv and play a game of Uno instead, lock the damn cat in the basement, get Vincenzo a clock by his bed and let him know that wake up time is at 8AM and he can’t get up or call out before that and then you and Kevin should alternate mornings for hot yoga. Oh, and make a homemade pizza from store bought dough and call it good – save coq a vin for Sundays. I seriously just saved your life.

  2. That’s why I said to lock it in the basement instead of outside or the garage. I do have a heart, you know.

  3. Ladies, you made my morning! I think you should post some conversations with Casey…that is FUNNY stuff. Thanks…I LOVE the idea about the clock…of course my kids would tell me the bright light was keeping them awake. *argh*

  4. Suzanne, my ultimate goal is to completely take over Rachel’s blog until she is merely a footnote. The clock thing, BTW, totally rocks and you are supposed to get an analog clock not digital. Just to keep it interesting, my daughter’s is analog with Roman numerals.

  5. Ah, but little did you know that it’s my goal to completely take over the comments once Casey takes over my blog and then BOOM! How’s that medicine taste?

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