Beach bums

My husband says, “You’re not going to post another one of those photo blogs, are you?” 

My mom says, “I love the photo blogs!  Keep them coming!  But are you going to lose your regular readers?”

And yet…I seem to have nothing to write about.  Maybe it’s because I’m so busy taking pictures and looking through them?  My life is one part living it to three parts documenting it.  I take pictures, I take Flip videos for the grandparents, I take regular videos for our family, I make a family scrapbook every year, I make the kids their own scrapbooks for their first couple years, I keep Rocco’s baby book up to date, and I have a journal for Vincenzo, one for Rocco, and one for myself.  I’m afraid after Kevin reads this that he’s going to ask me to start up a journal for him too.

Oh, and I used to write blogs full of partial truths about daily life.

Anyway, the point is I don’t have much to say lately except, “Say cheese!” and, “Can you stand over there where the light is better?

We spent a couple days at the beach this week; I guess I could write about that.  But oh yeah, I took pictures so WHY would I use words that I have to think of and type out letter by letter and then actually reread, trying to block out my ninth grade English teacher’s voice yelling, “TOO MANY HELPING VERBS!” while mopping up the blood my keyboard has shed.

So.  The beach.


The ice cream truck pulled up at one point.  I wish I could post the music this ice cream truck was playing instead of just a picture.  I’d just like to know why in heaven’s name would an ice cream truck even be programmed with Christmas music?


This is the only non-phallic picture I got of my son sucking down a Mega Missile.


As for this one, stick a fork in him.  He’s done.


These pictures are especially precious to me today, as the endless, unblinking gray skies have made their ho-hum return and it feels like we’ll never go to the beach again.

372 words and counting.  Is that enough?

Stuffed portobello mushrooms
Penne a la vodka

4 thoughts on “Beach bums

  1. Our ice cream truck plays two songs: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush and The Godfather Theme (uptempo). I never really thought about blogging about it, but now I am on a mission to capture and document this fact so you don’t take me for a liar. Also, because the blogosphere NEEDS this.

  2. Congrats on reaching 372 words!

    Perhaps the Christmas music is Pavlovian…we all know how parents want to spoil their children at Christmas, so the music is there to subconsciously encourage the parents to drool, I mean, buy ice cream for their kids.

  3. What the hell is a helping verb? If it’s like an adverb I use them all the time. Annoyingly.

  4. damn it…now I need to google “helping verbs”.

    oh and I totally want to see more Mega Missle shots. LOL…I once took a whole set of shots like that….and couldn’t post one. tooooo phallic. tee hee

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