I has a camera.

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, walking into the lobby area at our pool: *sniff* “I can smell the fluoride already!”
Here are a few pictures from the 100ish I took yesterday.  I promise not every blog post for the month of May will be like this but me and this project are still in our honeymoon phase and we want y’all to know how in love we are.

We spent the afternoon at the beach.  To all those LOLruses out there, WE HAS YUR BUCKIT.


(Get used to seeing this hat—it’s going to be in probably every picture I take of Rocco until he’s 42.)


From the beach to the sprinkler, sporting inside-out undies, natch.


Then we made the baby do push-ups.


After dinner we planted a vegetable garden.


And jumped.


And jumped.


And jumped.


And talked about how far we jumped.


I was having a hard time taking a picture of Kevin and me spooning while actually spooning, so I found a stand-in.  Kevin said the substitute was just as cuddly and responsive as his wife.  I had to agree.


Fridge frittata
Strawberries in cream

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