Photo CRAZY!

In the hopes of improving my photography skills I have set myself a challenge: take 100 pictures every day in the month of May.  And by 100 pictures a day, I mean 30.  And by 30 pictures a day I mean sometimes none at all.  Oh, and the 100-Pictures-a-day-May Challenge began on May 12. 

Here are some results from Day 1 (or Day 12, depending on how you’re counting).

Ever wonder what Dr. Jekyll looked like as a baby?


Or his counterpart, baby Hyde?


And let’s not forget their older brother, Dr. Crazy!


Hey, I never said the 100 pictures had to be good—they just have to be taken!  But I do like the next two pictures, for whatever reason.



Diet Pepsi with Lime

3 thoughts on “Photo CRAZY!

  1. good to see you are keeping the proper nutrients in your diet…hope a magical fairy brought dinner for the family.

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