A bang-up day

Here’s an sampling from A Day in the Life of MrsMouthy.

8:00AM: Vincenzo wakes up and emerges from my room carrying my crutch that he slept with.  I tell him good morning and he shoots me with it.

9:00AM: Drop Vincenzo off at school.  Realize that it’s the well-advertised “Mud Day” and I sent him to school in white pants.

10:00AM: Spend a half hour on the floor, watching this:




11:30: Pick Vincenzo up from school then head to the liquor store with both kids where Vincenzo asks a lot of questions I don’t have answers for.

12:00: Vincenzo eats his grilled cheese sandwich into the shape of a gun.  When I ask him to clear his dishes, he shoots me with it.

1:00: Vincenzo yells from the hallway, “Look Mom!  I’m riding the baby!”


2:00: Look through family pictures with the boys.  Vincenzo finger-shoots all the pictures of Rocco that pop up.

3:00: I go to counseling where I spend an inordinate amount of time discussing how Petit Fours are destroying our family (yet I fail to bring up all the shooting).

5:00: Kevin comes home and Rocco claps his feet in excitement so much it sounds like applause.

5:01: Kevin gets shot by Vincenzo.

6:00: We cook dinner.  Vincenzo whines that the house stinks and tells us never to cook that again.

8:00: Bedtime.  Vincenzo prays, “Thank you God for giving me the power to change into any animal I want.  And for parks.”

8:01: Kevin and I go to bed.  He asks me how my day was.  I shoot him.


Mexican corn cakes
Spiced shredded pork
Red beans with cotija cheese
Tequila-soaked sorbet

(Because Seis de Mayo can be just as fun as Cinco de Mayo)

5 thoughts on “A bang-up day

  1. thanks for the laugh.

    loved hearing about your day.


    My day consists of answering the following questions AT LEAST 579 times a day:
    1. What are we doing next?
    2. Can I go to the bathroom?
    3. Can I get a drink of water?
    4. Do I have to (fill in the blank)?

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