Zoo ‘n poo

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, explaining to Rocco: “A lollipop is kind of like a toy you can eat.”
We spent a day at the zoo this week.  Vincenzo spent a lot of time riding the “coyote…”


…and the “swimming coyote.” (??)


He also did what we thought was a great lion impersonation.


The lion, unfortunately, didn’t have such a  great a lion impersonation.


My sister took this great shot of a peacock.


She also took this peacock butt shot that she tried to class up by name it a “behind-the-scenes” shot.  Butt as the saying goes, “A butt by any other name still smells as sweet.”


I spent the whole day trying to get a picture of Rocco looking at the animals at the zoo for the first time.  The best I got is this picture of Rocco looking at the grass near some animals at the zoo for the first time.  I can’t explain his old-man, pants-above-the-belly-button jeans here.


And because I am actually a 12-year-old boy, let’s play “spot the difference” between these pictures:





Huh huh.  The only thing that would make this funnier is if it were a picture of one of my sons pooping at the zoo so when Kevin got home from work and asked what we did all day I could tell him, “We went to the zoo and shit.”


Pan-seared scallops with lentils, bacon, and cider vinaigrette
Steamed asparagus

4 thoughts on “Zoo ‘n poo

  1. Oooh- Beto humor is in rare form today! My life revolves around bodily functions enough already, thank you very much.

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