Oh, Brother.

Vincenzo doesn’t interact all that much with Rocco. 

He thinks his brother is funny. 

He accepts him.


But he’s not all over the big brother thing. 

So when I heard giggling from the nursery yesterday,

and then I heard Vincenzo laughingly ask Rocco,

“What are you doing over there?” I grabbed my camera. 

I got there just in time.


My boys.

Crab and lemon risotto
Salad with apples and blue cheese
Candy bar pizza

5 thoughts on “Oh, Brother.

  1. If your house is anything like my house, the kids would come out from under there covered in dust bunnies and then knowing YOU, you would make up a game about them. The cuteness is killing me.

  2. Rocco has twice as much hair as Zoey. But I swear all your pictures could be framed, and not just b/c your subjects are so cute. 🙂

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