Food hell

I meant to thank you all for your advice on helping Vincenzo be a loser.  I’m taking all of it, it was so good.  I will try my hardest not to read straight from the computer screen when we sit down with Vincenzo.

And now for me to smack-talk some advice on “feeding your toddler” that Parents Magazine recommends this month.  Keep in mind the first and second page of this article are separated by a full-page add for POP-TARTS (filling made with 10% fruit!!).

Here’s a menu the lay out for a 4-year-old:

Mini whole-grain bagel
1Tbs peanut butter
5 strawberries
3/4 cup milk

6 baby carrots
1/2 cup broccoli
2Tbs low-fat ranch dip

Turkey cheese sandwich
1/2 cup apple slices

2Tbs hummus
5 whole-grain crackers

2oz grilled chicken
10 sweet-potato fries
Dinner roll
1/2 cup grapes
3/4 cup milk

Mini piece of chocolate

Fellow parents, do you notice anything missing from this?  Like Goldfish crackers?  Go-gurt?  Handi-snacks?  Juice boxes?  And not even one little shout-out to Pop Tarts?!

I am tempted to try this menu plan with to Vincenzo tomorrow just to hear the conversations that would take place.  At snack he might ask, “Mommy, can I have another baby carrot please?  I’m so hungry,” and I’ll say, “Oh, I’m sorry honey, but that will blow your diet.  Here—have another glass of water.  I think that’s in the plan…”

Or I’ll say, “Snack time!  Here are your two tablespoons of hummus and five crackers.  I got you the special no-salt, whole grain, sprouted-wheat ones I know you love so much.”

And at dinner, if Vincenzo asks for butter on his roll, I’ll just tell him to cut a grape in half and rub it on the roll instead.  We’ll talk about how icky butter is and puzzle over why anyone would eat McDonald’s fries when sweet potato fries are so totally more delicious and satisfying.

Anyway.  I decided to write down everything my son actually did eat today:

Grilled cheese sandwich
Half an Asian pear the size of his head
Raspberries (sorry—my measuring cups were busy so I’m not sure how much he ate)
Milk with coffee.  So sue me.

Goldfish crackers, straight from the bag
PB&Chocolate granola bar (he asks for one whenever he sees me eating one)

Storebought pasta salad that he asked me to cover with another layer of noodles, then a thick layer of cheese, then microwave—but I don’t know if it counts because he didn’t eat it after all that
The other half of the head-sized Asian pear

PB&Chocolate granola bar (They’re sooooo good)
Trail mix—the good kind with m&m’s.  I told him he had to eat the nuts and raisins in it, too, and I thought he did…until later in the day when he brought me his suitcase and said it  had a present for me in it.  Surprise!  Nuts and raisins!

Second snack:
1 piece buttered toast
1 piece toast with peanut butter
1 piece cinnamon sugar toast


PB&Chocolate granola bar (What?!  I’m a nursing mother!)

In my defense, he was also served but did not eat: yogurt, carrots, peas, tiropita*, asparagus soup, and eggplant ragu.  I also kind of exaggerated the whole granola bar thing.  I eat most of them while I’m hidden behind cabinets and whatnot because I don’t like sharing them.

If you have a minute I’d love to see what your kid eats for a day vs. what he/she is served.  If you do post it let me know in my comments and I’ll make sure to pop by your blog.  If you haven’t noticed, pretty much the only blog I’ve been reading lately is the same one you’re reading right now.  I plan on catching up…someday.

Toast, apparently

*If you read my “What’s Cookin’” section, I made a last-minute menu change due to lack of lump crabmeat at QFC.

12 thoughts on “Food hell

  1. B is starting a swim program in a couple weeks and we have to document everything he eats, I will post when we do this. I am sure it will look like this: dry cereal, fruit snacks, and chicken.

  2. I am a grrreat mom, just read:
    Breakfast: pancakes and eggs
    Snack: no clue, I didn’t pack one
    Lunch: no clue, I make both girls pack their own
    Snack: no clue, I was at work and left them home alone, so probably gum and chips…
    Dinner: Beans and Hotdogs

    It started out so well, what went wrong??

  3. Ok…so here it goes.
    Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs w/ham and cheese and toast
    Snack – Banana
    Lunch – Ate at school…who knows what the heck they eat there
    Snack – Granola Bar
    Dinner – Salmon, brown rice and broccoli
    Dessert – No Dessert…we never have any. I am a mean Mom.

  4. I don’t have kids so I thought I’d do mine – which will be equally as unhealthy:

    Breakfast (starts off good): Kashi Heart to Heart cereal & 1% milk (because non-fat has a blue tinge)

    Snack (when not hungry): Crackers and some cheese spread that was in our staff room

    Lunch: A frozen meal – fish & pasta

    Snack (just cuz): 6 cadbury mini-eggs – yes I counted them

    Snack (after dentist appt – teeth felt WAY to clean): 1/2 bag coconut M&M’s I got in the mail YESTERDAY from a friend in Hawaii

    Dinner: Take out Thai (lemon chicken & curry chicken)

    The End


  5. Knowing how bad I eat, I can’t imagine feeding a child! I had to bribe myself with a Diet Dr Pepper in order to eat my healthy taco soup lunch instead of holding out for a milkshake and hushpuppies after work.

  6. Oh gosh- here it goes
    Breakfast Snack In the Car to School- cereal, raisins, goldfish crackers
    Breakfast- daycare food (protein, starch)
    Lunch- daycare food (protein, starch, veggie)
    Snack- daycare food (juice, starch)
    Dinner- burrito, broccoli, chocolate milk

    Rachel- def. check out, so easy, and unless you try getting fancy with ingredients, each one will turn out perfect.

  7. Weird – I read that same article and couldn’t believe how many snacks they put in for kids. My girls NEVER have or ask for snacks and never have… is this why my 4 year old weighs 28 pounds?? Hmm, food for thought.
    Madison’s day today:
    Breakfast – 2 large bowls of Cheerios with raisins and craisins
    Lunch – mac n cheese, some plain pasta from sister’s tray, artificial crab meat, 1/2 pear, green beans, some Jenny-O turkey sausage, a little flax seed mini muffin thing that my mom had for her
    Dinner – 1/3 french dip sandwich w/au jus, 2 slices turkey salami on the side, celery with pb & raisins, fruit cocktail (which she kept asking what kind of fruit each piece was since they all kind of look and taste the same)

    Then we made your choc chip cookies after dinner and she had one before bed for a special treat. Her quote as reading a story with Daddy, “Wow, we better brush my teeth really good tonight after all that chocolate. The dentist wouldn’t want to see me right now.” LOL I’m waiting to see her reaction to preschool in the fall when she will most likely discover that for some kids a “really special treat” isn’t just getting to eat ONE piece of Pez candy.

  8. A weekend menu for Robert looks kind of like this:
    Breakfast:One egg omelet with turkey breast and red Bell peppers (he breaks the egg and mixes the ingredients, I only do the cutting and the pan cooking)
    Fruits or a sliced buttered dinner roll with honey
    Morning snack: some fruits slices /milk and cereal / golden fish
    Lunch: One cup of meat and vegetable soup with cheerios (it ends up being a cup of vegetables, meat and cheerios, there is no soup to spill :-))
    Some fruits or candy
    Afernoon snacks: Cheese sticks with baby Costco cucumbers, and some fruits, usually bananas/apples if we are not at home
    Dinner: some stews with meat (fish or other meat), potatoes and other vegetables/ grilled meat with steamed vegetables
    Fruits, some candy

    He drinks water during the day and he gets extra mini marshmallows or mini white chocolates for peeing or pooping on potty 🙂

    Oh, and now he eats anything I give him (except row or cooked pieces of tomatoes), and I am still spoon feeding him, except when he is in his carseat and he picks the cheese sticks, cucumbers or fruits from the lunch box 🙂

    I have to try the granola bars 🙂

  9. You people all must be raising Super Humans with what you’re feeding your kids. Brown rice? Salmon? Fake crab? I bet your kids wouldn’t even know what to do with a granola bar if I gave them one!

    Except Andrea. Your kids will see my kids in food hell. I thank you for that.

  10. Ok, lets see:
    Breakfast: purple pancakes (yes purple) and a fried egg
    Snack: I don’t let them have a morning snack
    Lunch: bagel with cream cheese, grapes and strawberries, another bagel with cream cheese cuz the dog took most of the first one right off her plate, milk
    Snack: trail mix
    Dinner: rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club, chicken flavored rice, toasted bagel with butter, milk
    Dessert: looks like an Oreo since I found the wrapper on the counter with Oreos missing. : )

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