Can handbags cry?

I got tagged by my bloggy friend Tricia, maker of beautiful things and prisoner of all things scented, over at Fabulous Since 1961.  Getting tagged makes me feel so young again.  The tag is: what’s in your handbag.

Tricia took lovely pictures of her real leather, finely crafted purse before emptying it.  Here’s where I found my JCPenny purse I’ve been toting around for five years (and also the reason I returned that Louis Vuitton purse my husband bought me a couple years back).


Here, let’s zoom in on that.


I fetched the jaws of life and extracted my purse; here’s what I got:


First off, that is not a porn card I’m carrying around, but Victoria Secret is really onto something, putting their models in nude-colored underwear, aren’t they?  I think my grandmother just rolled over in her grave or turned into a zombie or something.


Otherwise it’s not that exciting—an old grocery list; a few pads of sticky notes; my JCPenny wallet plus its counterpart the ziploc bag to hold the overflow of gift cards and medical cards and membership cards and I’m so sick of cards cards CARDS!


Mint gum because I absolutely will not drink coffee without a piece of gum or a toothbrush/toothpaste nearby; a toothbrush/toothpaste/floss not because of the coffee thing but because I went to the dentist in March and probably haven’t taken my purse out of the stroller since then; Vincenzo’s nametag from school that went missing in October; and a handful of  lipsticks and chapsticks that I keep around to prove I’m a girl but never actually wear.

I’m just not really the pursey type. 

Is it lame to blanket tag everyone reading this?  Post what’s in your handbag if you, like me, have nothing better to blog about.

I guess if I had to call out a couple people, I’d name Amalah (because it’s kind of like tagging the president) and Andrea at My Soccer Habit because now that she’s public she has to understand she’s vulnerable to things like this.

4 thoughts on “Can handbags cry?

  1. Is it me or does the Victoria’s Secret model look like a dude with long hair and boobs? Maybe it’s just the picture of the picture.

  2. Racel,

    I needed this post. It made me clean out my purse…and then the freezer. I now have inventories of both. I have a chart on my freezer door where I can mark off what I have used. 🙂 Dork factor is up! I too took a raincheck on a FANTASTIC coach purse that Larry bought me a couple of years ago…I regret it to this day as I have never seen one quite like it again AND because he had listened to every requirement I had ever had for a purse and made it happen. DUMB ME, live and learn!

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