Butt it’s Easter!

I know everyone is posting pictures of Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts today.  If there was a bridge they were all jumping off too, I’d totally be there.

I just love seeing the looks on the faces of the egg-hunters come Easter morn’.


This is not a picture of my son on Easter.  It’s a picture of Kevin’s butt and someone’s crotch on Easter.


You had no idea Kevin was this tall, did you?


One thing about Grammy and Poppy’s house: there’s guaranteed to be a garbage can somewhere in your picture.  They are either the cleanest people or the dirtiest people in their neighborhood.







But when you can’t lick ‘em, you may as well join ‘em.


WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST (at Grammy and Poppy’s):
Waffles with blueberry sauce and whip cream
Grandpa’s pepper sausage
Fried eggs
Smoked salmon breakfast casserole
Fruit salad
Easter cookies


2 thoughts on “Butt it’s Easter!

  1. seriously…..all the garbage cans had me laughing out loud. totally laughing out loud. tee hee

    oh and if you like mysteries, that you can just fly right though with little thought….check the bottom right of my blog. I have listed all the books I’ve read since September. some really good ones in there.

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