Vincenzo and his cape of many colors

Remember our fearless superhero, the Cheetard? 


He was last seen wearing this.


Go ahead.  Zoom in.  Read the writing on the shirt that says, “Grandpa’s Favorite Fishing Princess.”  This was clearly a superhero completely comfortable with his own masculinity.

Since this last sighting of Super Cheetard he seems to have vanished into thin air.  Poof.  ZAP!  Pow.  Gone.  What has happened to our valiant hero?  Was he finally captured by the Smelly Fox?  Did his powers fade when his mom washed his cape?   And more importantly, who is this guy that’s hanging around our house now?



Another superhero apparently comfortable with his own masculinity, it appears.  (Yes, those are rainbow stripes.)

But will the Cheetard return to reclaim his legend?  Or will his place in Superhero City remain shrouded in mystery for all of eternity? 

Stay tuned…


Biscuits & gravy
Fruit pizza

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