Take the cake (please, before I throw it away)

I’ve made a lot of cakes over the years.  For example:

Vincenzo’s first birthday cake:


Cake for Vincenzo’s carnival a few years ago:


For Valentine’s Day one year:


Wilton class finale:


Just for fun one day:


And everyone’s favorite:


But alas, my mad cake skills seem to have had an expiration date of “two children,” as this is how Rocco’s christening cake turned out:


It’s especially heartbreaking when you see the picture of the look I was trying to go for:

I took a ton of pictures of the cake from different angles and with different lighting, but the only way I could make it look halfway decent was to do this:


Well, at least someone was happy about the epoch cake fail.  Now this little guy isn’t feeling so lonely in my cake fail file anymore.


(Because now he has a fellow cake to watch TV with.)


Cilantro-walnut chicken skewers
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup

5 thoughts on “Take the cake (please, before I throw it away)

  1. +1 for me. I couldn’t make a cake, that would come close to your worst, if I had to do it to save myself.

    I think sleep deprivation my be to blame?

  2. Good grief…don’t be so hard on yourself!! You rock! I barely can even cook a box cake. BTW…my son thought the dump truck one was the best and would like to place an order for his birthday next year!!

  3. I loved the cake from the “construction” party. You always amaze me with the creativity.

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